by Betty Wong on January 20, 2021 through Zoom

Website: http://bettymm–

Betty Wong who is a member of DWA, as well as a signature member of Toronto Watercolour Society, gave us a demonstration of 2 paintings through Zoom.The painting of the “2 sisters” are beautifully demonstrated with lovely gestures and facial expressions of the two girls. She has also kindly shared with us the colour combination of the skin tone which is a very challenging technique. The “Cardinal” is well executed with bright colours and calligraphical brushes of the tree branches.

Skin tone
Aureolin Yellow + Opera
(alternative: A. Yellow + Permanent Rose or Scarlet Lake)

Warm tones for highlighting: Burnt Sienna, Alizarim Crimson

Cool tones: Cobalt Blue, Bright Violet (Holbein)

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