We had a wonderful ‘critique session’,  It went well and smooth despite our first attempt on Zoom.  There were 25 paintings submitted. We all critique each other’s work. It was gratifying, and we have all learnt from each other.  We also had our member and master artist Momin Khan joined us and gave us some professional comments. 

Our president, Ben Lee has summarized from what we have discussed and learned from the interaction, as follows:

“There were many great works that we admired.  Several pieces showed professional proficiency.  Good colour sense and competency in execution.  Good originality in expression with an interesting concept.  Only a few are technical ability not developed enough, it appeared a little over paint.  Keep practising would result in self-satisfaction.  

The following concludes that we should pay more attention to: 

       * Focus your attention toward a specific point without confusion. 

       * Create a centre of interest.

       * Discard the unimportant or distracting features.

       * Achieving visual balance.

       * Harmonious and consistency.

       * Tone value and depth, etc. 

Our next zoom demo meeting will be on January 20th, 2021 by Betty Wong.  Mark your calendar.  Don’t’ miss it!”

Happy Holidays!

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